3rd Positive Psychology in Practice Virtual Conference

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Following the success of last year’s event, we are excited to announce the dates and location of the 3rd International Positive Psychology in Practice conference, which will be held in 2021, on June 24th and 25th virtual conference.

We already have a promising line-up of amazing speakers who will join us for this event:

✔ Dr. Ilona Boniwell, CEO at Positran, France
✔ Dr. Patrick Gwyer, Llyods bank and Action for Hamphshire social entrepreneur mentoring progamme 2019 Cohort at Action for Hampshire
✔ Dr. Vikki Barnes, Clinical Psychologist, Consultant in Mental Health & Wellbeing, Positive Psychology & Happiness. International Speaker, Humanitarian, Nature Lover, Explorer
✔ Evelyn Bierbach, CEO of "Ekatra" - Personal Development through Coaching und Yoga
✔ Irena Ustinović, Commercial real estate, Warsaw, Masovian District, Poland
✔ Odile Carru, Corporate and Executive Coaching, ICF Professional Certified Coach PCC
✔ Sok-ho Trinh, Passionologist – Career & Leadership coach – Social scientist – Performer, London, UK
✔ Sarah Lewis C.Psychol, Managing Director and Principal Psychologist at Appreciating Change, UK
✔ Rob Baker, FCIPD, MAPP Founder & Chief Positive Deviant, UK

About the conference

The international Positive Psychology movement, initiated by Seligman nearly two decades ago, continues to capture the attention of people around the world as a ground-breaking approach to the understanding of the human psyche.

Despite being a relatively new field, the positive psychology movement continues to grow as an internationally respected field and has witnessed significant developments worldwide.

Positive Psychology is the field of research and practice that focuses on positive emotions by fostering human strengths and virtues, and enabling people to flourish by increased engagement, meaning making, personal satisfaction and well-being.

Featuring international keynote presentations on the latest research, case studies, practical applications for organisations, clinical settings and educational institutions; as well as personal wellbeing, this conference will help you apply scientifically-grounded positive psychology research into practical and real-life settings, making it accessible to practitioners.

Delegates will update their knowledge on recent developments and learn about future perspectives in the field of Positive Psychology.

Format of event

The conference environment will nurture collaboration and communication.

Throughout the day, plenary sessions will be delivered between panel discussions, question and answer sessions, group activities and experiential learning.

The meeting will provide a valuable opportunity to network, share knowledge and ideas, and explore possible collaborations amongst all present.

We would like this event to be enjoyable, informative and educational for those who attend and we have committed all our enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism to realise this vision.

Together with our participants, we can create positive networking and growth opportunities for all involved.

With this in mind we invite delegates to register their specialist area of interest through submission of abstract proposals. Please submit 300 words for either an oral or poster abstract submission. A 15 minutes presentation can be scheduled for an oral abstract on theory, research, case studies and practice.

Our two days will cover a mix of expert speakers and facilitators foccusing on the following themes:

Positive Psychology: Theory and Methodology of Positive Psychology
Positive Psychology : Organisations and Professional Environments
Positive Psychology: Research Methods
Positive Psychology: Mental Health and Clinical Settings
Positive Psychology: Coaching and intervention
Positive Psychology: Education
Positive Psychology: Childhood and Youth
Positive Psychology: Social Change
Positive Psychology: Cross-cultural communication
Positive Psychology: Health and Wellness

This event is of particular interest to:

- Organisational & Business Leaders
- HR Staff
- Coaches, Practitioners & Entrepreneurs
- Healthcare Providers
- Policy Makers
- Psychologists
- Clinicians & Wellbeing Practitioners
- Mental Health Professionals
- Researchers and Clinicians interested in post-traumatic growth research
- Researchers
- Universities and school teachers
- Non-profit organisations
- Students
- Anybody with the desire to live a happier and more fulfilling life

Registration Fees

24th to 25th June 2021 virtual conference

15% Off for groups (3 Delegates or more)

Standard Registration both days £299
Charity/Student Registration both days £195
Charity/Student Registration single day £150
Standard Registration single day £195

Positive Psychology in Practice virtual conference

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